What Happens When Your Cabin Air Filter is Dirty?

A dirty cabin air filter can cause a lot of problems for your car. It can make the AC fan motor work harder, leading to it burning out and needing to be replaced. It can also reduce the efficiency of the filter, leading to more energy being consumed and putting the alternator under strain. In addition, a clogged cabin air filter can make the cabin smell bad and be unpleasant to drive in.

This is because it cannot capture particles efficiently, leading to a buildup of dirt and odors. The reduced airflow also affects the HVAC efficiency, reducing the cooling and heating capacity of your car. The strain on the system caused by a clogged filter can also lead to a blowout, as more power is diverted from other components such as the drive train and alternator. This reduces their power and performance.

The cabin air filter is usually located behind the glove compartment or under the front windshield from the engine compartment. If you notice an increase in air volume or blowing noise, this means that the filter is deteriorating. An increase in fan noise may be due to air intake from large materials or a dirty cabin air filter. With a clogged cabin air filter, lack of air flow can be felt in the dashboard grilles and will result in lackluster defrost and defrost performance, as well as reduced air conditioning and heating functionality.

Changing the cabin air filter isn't just about air quality, it's also a safety issue and a maintenance requirement for the climate control system. If you are sensitive to different particles and may even be allergic to these things, you will notice that your allergy worsens while driving if you have a damaged or old cabin air filter. Poor airflow from your vehicle's interior ventilation grilles is a definite warning sign that your air filter needs some repairs or replacements. In many Asian cars, the filter is installed behind the glove box, and in some cases, the glove box must be removed to replace the cabin filter. Washing with water has a greater risk of damaging the folds and the filter must be air dried without excess heat (such as a hair dryer), which can take a lot of precious time. Replacing a cabin air filter is ideal, but cleaning it occasionally can extend its lifespan.

The cabin air filter may not be included in the key components of a vehicle, but its importance remains that of one.

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